Friday, March 18, 2005


Confessions of an Irish Soul

Well, I hoped you enjoyed St.Patrick's Day yesterday.As for myself, the day was a mixed success.And by that I mean it was a disaster.It started off well enough.I met my friends and we made our way into Dublin's city centre which was packed due to the parade.We then walked about for a bit trying to find a place to drink.This was about 1:30 pm.Finally we found a pub called Confessions which I have never been to before.It wasn't that busy thankfully and on the third floor of the place there was a pool table, toilet and one of those arcade poker machines.
We also had a view of the people walking along the streets below.Did I mention the third floor was empty?Needless to say we were delighted to be there and things looked pretty good for the rest of the day...until I messed up.

Unfortunately I woke up Paddy's Day quite tired and therefore I wasn't hungry.I didn't think I would be drinking until quite late.My friends had other ideas.In the pub, I started drinking very fast and had consumed two pints very quickly.I was drinking faster than my friends which is rare.This was a poor move on my part since I was drinking on an empty stomach.We left Confessions after about an hour and a half due to an influx of people when the parade had finished.I was quite merry as me and my friends made our way to another pub, I believe it was called International.There, I consumed another five pints (all I had eaten was a bag of crisps and some sweets).By about 7:30, I was quite drunk.

I can recall feeling the need to throw up as I bundled my way past my friends to the toilets.Doing so I knocked over my pint which went down some girl's leg.She hurled obscenities at me as I made my way to the toilet.I didn't care.I did throw up in the bathroom before rejoining my friends.At that stage I just wanted to fall asleep.My friends seemed pretty concerned about me so they got me a taxi and sent me home.I got home at some point after 8pm and fell asleep.

As I sit here, sore head and all, I am very annoyed at how I handled myself yesterday.I should've eaten before drinking and I should've paced myself better.While St.Patrick's Day was alright, I never got to enjoy St.Patrick's night!
I now sit here quite hungry but also with a horrible taste in my mouth.Top of the morning indeed.


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