Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Watch Out-It's Wednesday Watch!

Some of you may recall my recent decision to scrap 'What If?' Wednesday.
Although I found it interesting at first,I don't feel it was going to be of any use in the long-term.
As I'm happy with the other daily features I found myself with a decision on what to do for Wednesdays.

Since I see blogs as a neat tool of expression for amateur journalism,Wednesdays will show this in the new feature for Wednesday which I'll call Wednesday Watch.

Each week I wll pose questions which are relevant to nationalism,unionism and other areas of politics and I will spend a week out and about in Dublin posing these questions personally and gathering responses.
I will then post the results of my past week's findings before posing a new question.

I feel it will offer this blog a more direct view of contemporary Irish society and should provoke debate as I'll likely be met with responses that many of you are met with in your own life.

This week's question is,"Do Irish people care whether Ireland is reunited or not"?
I will spend a week asking some people and will post my findings next week along with another question.
I will be very interested in finding out whether the man on the street cares about this issue as much as I do...


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