Thursday, January 06, 2005


Orde to Point Finger at IRA

It's been reported that the Chief Constable Hugh Orde is to blame the IRA on the £22m bank raid in Belfast,according to the BBC.
Orde is to brief senior members of the Policing Board on Friday and BBC Northern Security Editor Brian Rowan said:"We have to wait on the official line...but there is a growing sense that when he puts a label on this robbery that he(Hugh Orde)will point towards the IRA."

He added if Mr.Orde did this,there would not be a long wait for the "political fallout".

Tony Blair today said he would not prejudge the result of the police inquiries into the raid.

Gerry Adams meanwhile said he would not countenance any attempt to "demonise and criminalise" his party.
Adams added that British "securocrats" were behind a "contrivance aimed at pointing the finger of guilt at republicans-even in the absence of any evidence."

Personally I'm getting sick and tired at Adam's desperate attempts to ignore his party's responsibilities to the people.
If the IRA are found to have been behind the raid,then I sincerely hope there is "political fallout".
The two governments must seek to make Sinn Fein a political eunuch by castrating it through condemnation in the media and by marginalising the party in talks.
Irish political parties in the Republic must be at the forefront of such condemnation and I really hope Mr.Durkan is poised and coiled to deliver a bitter condemnation of Sinn Fein.
Durkan has been granted a major political trump card-by Sinn Fein itself!
Note to Mark-make the most of it!


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