Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Some Gratitude!

It's been reported that twenty-seven prisoners who were let out of jail for Christmas have failed to return to their cells.
Reports indicate the 27 were among 297 inmates who were given temporary leave over Christmas ranging from a few hours to 10 days.

The missing prisoners have been reported to the Gardai as "unlawfully at large" and could face fresh criminal charges for failing to return.

However,apparently prison officials are confident that all those who had failed to return over the festive season will turn up in the coming days.

Just when you think this country can't get any more ridiculous,this happens!
The Irish people are supposed to rest easy since prison officials are confident they will return!The same people being listed as "unlawfully at large"?!
I can't understand why anybody was released for Christmas.Surely if you do wrong and break the law you forfeit certain rights and privileges that you would have if you obeyed the law?
Why then are these people allowed to go free?There are twenty-seven fugitives right now due to this ridiculous practice!


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