Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Hero/Villain of the Day-05.01.05

Heroes: NI firefighters:I see that NI firefighters tonight donated their £50,000 hardship fund to the victims of the Asian disaster.
Members of the Fire Brigades Union emptied the hardship fund account,which had been built up during strike action over pay two years ago,and gave the money to the "Black Santa" appeal which is being run by the Anglican Dean of Belfast,the very Rev Houston McKelvey.

This is a great gesture by the firefighters.There has definitely been great generosity shown by people towards the victims of the Asian tragedy.
Firefighters already perform a heroic service and this act is yet another heroic one.

Villains: Irish Government:It was reported today that Germany has boosted its share to €500 million in aid for disaster relief in Asia while John Howard has announced that Australia is to contribute €576m.
Meanwhile the Irish Government today announced that it has decided in principle that it will make more money available for disaster relief in Asia but has not decided the amount of extra funding that will be given.
Apparently,the Government will be contacting the United Nations on the matter.

How disgraceful!If the UN have any sense they will castigate the Irish Government for its lousy response to the disaster.
What comfort will terms like "in principle" give to the people sick and dying as a result of this tragedy?


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