Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Robinson Gets Tough

I see that Peter Robinson,deputy leader of the DUP,has called on Chief Constable Hugh Orde to "come clean" over speculation that the IRA were involved in the theft of £22m from the Northern Bank.
Mr.Orde is expected to brief the chair and vice-chair of the Policing Board about the robbery this week.

"As speculation continues to mount about the role of the Provisional IRA in the biggest bank robbery ever,Hugh Orde must now tell us about the connections of any and all believed to be involved" said Robinson.

"Is it the political consequences that have silenced the Chief Constable?"

He went on to add,"Let no one be in any doubt,the consequences of mainstream republican participation in this colossal crime will be far-reaching."

It's not often I find myself in agreement with Peter Robinson but he is right.If the IRA were involved there will indeed be "far-reaching" consequences for Sinn Fein.
The strength of Sinn Fein north and south is a danger to Irish nationalism and it's high time nationalists acknowledged that.
However if the IRA were behind the bank robbery,would the DUP be as appalled as they are making out?One imagines IRA involvement would be welcome news for the DUP and a useful political weapon in their arsenal.A weapon impossible for Sinn Fein to see decommissioned.


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