Wednesday, January 05, 2005



A 27 year-old Dubliner has received a free two-week holiday in Florida for three adults and one child after camping outside a travel agent's shop for 12 days.

Philip McGiff,an unemployed father-of-one from Rialto,began the camp-out on Christmas Day.
He was top of the queue of 21 people who received free holidays from Budget Travel today as part of the company's annual new year's giveaway.

I'm happy he won the trip,but to start a camp-out on Christmas Day?!
So,presumably his family were at home eating Christmas dinner and this guy was camped outside a travel shop?!
Also,wasn't it snowing?Talk about bad luck!You plan a camp-out and Dublin gets it's first White Christmas since 1952!

He certainly earned his holiday that's for sure!Good luck to him.


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