Thursday, January 06, 2005


Hero/Villain of the Day-06.01.05

Hero: Nelson Mandela:On a day when Mr.Mandela's son tragically died of Aids,he said that he hoped his son's death would help end the stigma associated with the disease.

"Let us give publicity to HIV/Aids and not hide it because the only way of making it appear to be a normal illness just like TB,like cancer,is always to come out and say somebody has died of HIV"Mandela,surrounded by his family,said today in a news conference.

Mandela's position is admirable and my thoughts and prayers go to Mr.Mandela on the tragic death of his son.

Villain: Gerry Adams:When we start to hear about "defiant" statements from Gerry Adams and use of the term "British securocrats" you know that things aren't good.
It seems to me that Adams is bracing himself for some controversy.
If indeed Hugh Orde confirms what most of us suspect-that the IRA were involved in the bank robbery,then it is paramount that the two governments come out strongly against SF and indeed that all the political parties on the island do so,especially the SDLP!


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