Wednesday, June 11, 2008


It's the final countdown...

Thursday will soon be upon us and, with that, the crucial Lisbon Treaty referendum. On Wednesday the broadcasting organisations will observe the traditional eve-of-vote moratorium on referendum news but there's no chance of that happening here on United Irelander. I'm sure my position is clear at this stage however!

One thing I would like to add though. I keep hearing those from the Yes side remarking that we have the fate of the EU on our shoulders and thus should vote Yes for the sake of the people of Europe. First off, it is the European Union that refuses to allow other nation-states a vote on the matter! (Which is strange in itself considering we're told how fantastic the Treaty is!)

But not only that, the foreign nationals I've spoken to about this Treaty have all told me they believe it to be a worrying document. Make no mistake about it there are lots of people across Europe who are desperate to see this Treaty rejected.

It is indeed a great shame that we are the only people allowed to have a say on the Lisbon Treaty but I say let's use that opportunity to stand up for democracy and vote No. It's wrong for Europe and, most importantly, wrong for Ireland.


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