Friday, June 13, 2008


Victory for democracy!

The votes have been counted and Ireland has voted No to the Lisbon Treaty!

The result was won by 862,415 votes to 752,451 making it a 53.4% rejection versus 46.6%. Turnout was about 45%. (Edit - actually it was 53.1% BBC now report. Even better!)

We have today sent the EU's plans into turmoil and it is truly a great day for democracy and national sovereignty, not just here in Ireland but within the EU as a whole.

Already there is talk of the proposals being implemented in some other way and that is to be expected. EU treaties are a lot like the villains from scary movies. You think you've killed them off but they keep coming back every time.

However that is an issue for another day. The battle has been won on this day and I am thrilled! I have long argued against these vile proposals and I'm glad the Irish people have agreed with me on the danger they posed.

Just to put this into perspective, all the main Irish parties, the main trade unions, farmers associations as well as large sections of the media called for a Yes vote. The fact it's been rejected is astonishing and will raise many questions. To me it highlights the intelligence and defiance of the Irish character!

Were you listening, Brussels? We have just stood up for the rights of EU citizens who, unlike ourselves, were not given a referendum! Hang your heads in shame while we hold our heads up high!

A wonderful day for Ireland and also Europe!


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