Wednesday, March 09, 2005


'What If'?Wednesday-British Vote on Irish Unity

What if the British were allowed vote on the issue of Irish reunification?It would be a strange situation but it is something that some British MPs have called for.George Galloway was one such MP.I suppose the key issue would be the result itself - what would it be?
In a poll in the Guardian in 2001, only 26 per cent of Britons felt Ireland's north belonged to the UK.How would a referendum turn out?Well, I think in such a situation, unionists would speak of their patriotism and draw attention to their participation in WW1 and WW2.I'm not sure what nationalists would focus on.Would I support such a referendum myself?Well, no.

I am an Irish nationalist.I couldn't support a referendum that allowed a foreign nation the final say on an issue that affects my nation.Even if such a referendum would grant Irish unity I still would not support it as it goes against my nationalist principles.I can't see republicans supporting such a situation either.

Ireland should (and I believe will) be united due to the Irish people wanting it, not anybody else thrusting it upon us.We must sort out this issue ourselves.


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