Sunday, March 06, 2005


SF Kidding Themselves...

I see Sinn Fein has voted to keep the party's coalition options open after the next general election in the Republic.

Delegates rejected a motion calling on the party not to enter coalition with any other party.

The party's leader in the Dail, Caoimhghin O'Caolain, appealed to delegates not to limit their options but to 'keep them guessing'.He went on to say that any decision to enter coalition would be made by a special delegate conference.

SF must not have seen the latest poll showing that Irish people in the Republic have stuck two fingers up at the prospect of SF entering coalition with another party!Sinn Fein will not be allowed enter coalition with another party until they break their connection with the IRA terrorists.O'Caolain is having a laugh with his talk of a "special delegate conference".What he's really talking about is the IRA's Army Council.


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