Monday, March 07, 2005



"It would be a naive kind of Unionist who really believed that the day Ireland could become one there would not be a kind of creeping greening of the six British counties of Ulster.
It would be subtle and not so subtle, intentional and not so intentional but the end result would be the same."

This was a comment made by David Gough over at A Tangled Web in reply to a comment I had made about how Britishness could still exist in a United Ireland.
I think it shows the serious mistrust of Irish people that still exists for many Unionists in the North.The idea that Irish nationalism must be viewed as a threat to Britishness in Ireland.

The onus is on nationalism to prove that, unlike Sinn Fein, we can offer unionists a true Ireland of equals.The onus is on nationalists to prove to Unionists that we are not a threat.


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