Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Top Ten Tuesday-British Things

I love being Irish.For some people, Irishness must be defined by a hostility to Britishness.Not for me.(Well,unless sport is involved!) Allow me to now name what I believe to be the ten greatest things about Britain and Britishness.So without further ado:

1.Resilience - The Brits are a resilient bunch.They faced the Nazis alone when France fell and survived everything Adolf threw at them.This has to be admired.
2.Humour - The British have a great sense of humour and have given the world some comedy greats.
3.Impact on the World - The Brits were once the leading superpower on the planet.Like it or not, they must be respected for achieving such a position.
4.English Language - The English language is the most influential language on the planet.
5.Great Figures - The Brits have had some great figures who made a huge impact on political and literary affairs as well as in many other areas.
6.Patriotic - The British are very patriotic.They always get behind their sporting athletes and they are comfortable with their country.They also oppose Europeans who want a superstate.
7.Improved Relations with Ireland - It is good to see the closer ties between Britain and Ireland in recent years.An important development as Europe becomes stronger.
8.Multicultural Society - Britain is a place with various cultures,colours and traditions.
9.Beautiful Scenery - There is some beautiful scenery to behold in Britain.
10.Football - The Brits gave us football and Manchester United.Something we should all be thankful for!

So those are my choices.Feel free to comment on them or to offer your own opinions.


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