Monday, March 07, 2005


Monday Madness-FF Nationalism

Fianna Fail like to call themselves the 'Republican party', but are they?Well, judging by their spell in power, NO, they're not!Andrew McCann over at A Tangled Web recently quoted this statement from Fianna Fail's Dermot Ahern:

"I am a republican.I belong to the biggest republican movement on this island.My agenda is Irish unity, self-determination, justice and equality."

Who does Dermot think he's kidding?The fact is, FF could've done alot more with the influence it possesses in Ireland's north but it hasn't.Why?Because, in my view, Fianna Fail doesn't really want Irish reunification.Well, not the senior members of the party,anyway.Fianna Fail likes to trot out the old line about Irish unity because it strikes a chord with the Irish people but they fear what might happen if they actively pursued a United Ireland.

I believe that neither the Irish government nor its British counterpart want anything to do with Ireland's north in reality.In fact, I think the main reason the two governments want to deal with Sinn Fein is because they fear the republican movement.London fears the IRA while Dublin fears the growth of Sinn Fein.Therefore, as far as London is concerned, deal with the Shinners and the British mainland will be OK ,while in Dublin, the view is that if you appease the Shinners, SF's electoral success will be confined to the North since voters in the Republic like to see the North in a stable position.

Fianna Fail should be using its influence to help push for Irish reunification but it isn't doing enough.It is time for Fianna Fail to get its act together.Is it a Republican party or not?


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