Sunday, March 06, 2005


No Coalition With Sinn Fein!

A new opinion poll indicates that a large majority of voters in the Republic are opposed to a coalition including Sinn Fein.

Only 20% of those questioned for the Sunday Business Post survey said they would find the idea acceptable, with 69% saying they were opposed to it.

72% of people said that Government should insist on a signal from the IRA, such as an act of decommissioning, before resuming talks with Sinn Fein.
14% said this was not necessary, and 14% had no opinion.

This is more good news and shows that people in the Republic are clear about Sinn Fein's criminality - it is unacceptable!Your party will not enter government in the south, Mr Adams!People in the Republic would not take too kindly to having people representing them who believe that the murder of mothers and Garda officers are not criminal acts and who believe that the IRA are the legitimate government of Ireland.We respect democracy!


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