Wednesday, December 15, 2004


What You Can Expect

Many thanks to those who have wished me luck with this blog.I am still finding my feet but I hope that in time this place will prove interesting and will see some constructive debate.I have been contemplating on what I would like to see featured on my blog to make it a worthwhile visit.I have decided that on each day there will be a special feature.So,what can you all expect?Well:

I hope the above features will prove enjoyable and I also intend on giving a daily assessment on who I believe was the Hero/Villain of the Day which should provide many contenders for the Hero/Villain of the Week!

I hope these changes will make United Irelander a thought provoking visit,occasionally head wrecking but above all entertaining.

I hope it will become an enjoyable visit.Le cunamh Dia...


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