Friday, January 07, 2005


Sinn Fein React to News

Martin McGuinness came out today on the defensive claiming Hugh Orde has not produced one scrap of evidence that the IRA were behind the £26.5m Northern Bank raid.
Let's analyse Mr.McGuinness' comments shall we?

"Hugh Orde's comments today are nothing more than politically-biased allegations."

Nonsense Martin!The Prime Ministers have also been left looking very foolish over this incident.

"Within days of the robbery at the Northern Bank,and following media speculation and PSNI briefings,which suggested IRA involvement,I asked the IRA about this and was assured they were not involved."

Oh!He was assured they were not involved!Well that puts my mind at ease!
As long as the men who wear balaclavas say they were not involved,it must be true!
Hang on,I thought Sinn Fein and the IRA aren't one and the same Martin?

"We are witnessing a renewed attempt to undermine the peace process."

Yes we are.By your party!

"We need to think long and hard about who is setting this agenda and why."

We need to think long and hard about how many times your party is going to be allowed drop the ball and to get away with it!

"The campaigns to smash Sinn Fein,to criminalise and marginalise the republican struggle all failed."

Well if at first you don't succeed...

"Sinn Fein represents the majority of nationalists in the North(of Ireland)."

I thought the point of nationalism was that it functions on a 32-county basis?You don't represent the majority of nationalists on the island!

"The securocrats and the DUP need to come to terms with this political reality."

Comments like these really irritate me.Listen Martin,SF need to come to terms with the reality that the people of this island,regardless of thir political views,are sick and tired of the lies and deceit shown by your party and its violent,thieving,terrorist wing.

Enough is enough!


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