Saturday, January 08, 2005


Sinn Fein-"Ourselves Alone"

The recent crisis in the peace process in Ireland's north is indicative of why I cannot stand Sinn Fein or the opinions they espouse.
As I have stated before there is no way Irish reunification will ever occur as long as Sinn Fein are the main nationalist party in Ireland's north.

Mr.Orde's statement on Friday means that the IRA were planning last month's bank heist while Sinn Fein negotiators were in discussion with Tony Blair and Bertie Ahern on an end to physical force republicanism.
It means that the Provos were planning the raid while Gerry Adams and his colleagues met Mr.Orde in the much-hailed Downing Street meetings.
It means that while Gerry Adams appeared on the Late Late Show with Pat Kenny defending opposition to photographs of decommissining,talking about how far things had come and defending the decision to seek the release of Garda McCabe's killers,the Provos were planning this raid!
How revolting is that!

Should we be surprised though?The very name of the party "Ourselves Alone" has gone from representing a noble ideal by Arthur Griffiths to representing the sheer selfishness of the current incarnation of Sinn Fein.
Sinn Fein care not for the nationalist community or Irish people or indeed Irish reunification.
No,instead they only care about themselves and securing a noble place in Irish history for themselves and their balaclava-wearing friends.
Are nationalists willing to forsake the goal of Irish unity so that Sinn Fein and the IRA can give themselves a pat on the back and a pension fund?I sure hope not.


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