Friday, January 07, 2005


Durkan Misses His Chance Yet Again

Commenting on the assertion today by Hugh Orde that the IRA were involved in the Northern Bank raid in Belfast,SDLP Mark Durkan said the raid had dealt a real blow to the agreement and to the peace process.
Let's analyse Mark's comments,shall we?

"It has damaged trust.It has made it much harder to win change."

Yes...well we know that.

"The SDLP has consistently sought the Agreement's full implementation.Despite all the obstacles put in the way by others,we still seek that now."

Yes...well you've told us that before Mark.Come on say something hard-hitting to Sinn Fein!

"To achieve our goal,we have to get all parties working all the Agreement and all paramilitaries ending all their illegal activities."

Oh for goodness sake Mark!Direct your comments towards Sinn Fein!They are reeling right now.Don't tell me you're going to let them off lightly?

"We have always known that this would be difficult.Today's events only confirm the scale of the task still ahead."

Well what do you know?He has let them off lightly!Mark has yet again missed his chance!

Earlier in the week I said that this day would be important for Mark and I have to say his comments today highlight to me his ineffectiveness as a political leader.
A good political leader would be like a shark and smell the blood of his political rivals!
In my opinion,today highlights that Mark is a decent man and a competent politician but someone who lacks the ruthless edge required to give a hammer blow when one is needed.


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