Friday, January 07, 2005


Friday Fun-News in Brief

This week Jennifer Lopez revealed she is so sick of her "J.Lo" stage name,she nearly titled her upcoming album Call Me Jennifer.

That's funny because I think she should title her upcoming album Call Me Overrated Garbage.

This weekend Cork city will officially begin its reign as European Capital of Culture 2005.
Some of the celebrations will be covered live by RTE.
Some of the highlights of the year long celebrations include the Cork French Film Festival,the Lee Swim,the EU Chess Championships,the Cork Jazz Festival,the Fete de la Danse and the Lesbian Fantasy Ball.

Yes it all sounds great and...hold on...the Lesbian Fantasy Ball?!In Cork?!Wha?!
I sure hope RTE covers that!

Scientists have said the way air flows around the nose is more complex than a jumbo jet's wing.
Imperial College London researchers built a 3D model of the nose and used fluid to work out how air flows around it and how it senses different smells.
They say the study could help surgeons plan operations and the development of a cure for runny noses.

I guess that's what you call the sweet smell of success,eh?Oh never mind.


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