Saturday, January 08, 2005


Saturday Survey

Hero of the Week: Nelson Mandela:I felt he showed tremendous courage by declaring that he hoped his son's tragic death at the hands of Aids would help end the stigma that comes with the disease.

A class act by a class man.My thoughts and prayers go to Mr.Mandela and his family at this time.

Villains of the Week: Sinn Fein:I can't pick one individual out of this lot so I'm naming the whole lot of them as the villains of the week!
We've heard comments from Mitchel McLaughlin,Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams this week on the decision by Hugh Orde to name the IRA responsible for the bank raid,and I have to say the comments by Sinn Fein have been deeply insulting to the intelligence of all people on this island.
Furthermore I am getting sick and tired of hearing this word "securocrats"!

Funniest Moment of the Week: Gerry Kelly's 'condemnation':I had to laugh as I watched the Irish media this week,prior to Orde's statement on Friday,talk about how Gerry Kelly had 'condemned' those responsible for the raid.
Having heard the interview on the radio,Kelly at first said he had "no view" on the matter and only after pressure from the reporters did he say that those responsible were "wrong".
Kelly even acknowledged he was only giving his view because RTE Northern correspondent,Tommy Gorman,had coaxed one out of him.Some condemnation!

Dunce of the Week: Mark Durkan:Who else?This was his chance.His golden chance and he blew it!When your political rivals are reeling you have to hit them with a hammer blow.Mark didn't.
Mark has not got the ruthlessness that a leader needs.Another opportunity wasted.

Celebrity of the Week: Michael Schumacher:The seven-time F1 champion this week pledged to donate $10m to the victims of Asia's tsunami and earthquake disaster.
A great gesture without a doubt.

Quote of the Week: "In my opinion it is the Provisional IRA which is responsible for this crime"-Hugh Orde.A statement that could spell the end of devolution for the foreseeable future.


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