Thursday, January 13, 2005


Hero/Villain of the Day-13.01.05

Hero: President McAleese:Today the President urged the international community to continue to support the thousands of people devastated by the Asian tsunami for many years to come.

The President also commended the public's generosity,saying she was "proud" to live in a country which has given unprecedented levels of practical and financial aid.

Hear,hear!I share her pride.I'm also proud of the fact that unlike our nearest neighbours,we have a head of state that gets on with her job without incident.

Villain: Prince Harry:Who else?The tabloids are all over him after his latest gaffe.
It has been an international disaster for the Royal family.
He has embarrassed Blair and embarrassed his family and caused hurt and anger to the Jewish community.
Not his first brush with controversy and unlikely to be his last I'm sure.


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