Thursday, January 13, 2005


Little Green Men in Space!

I see today that President McAleese welcomed NASA astronauts Scott Kelly and Brian Duffy on their information mission to Dublin,as national job training body FAS worked to tighten links with the US space programme.
The astronauts were at the Opportunities Fair in Croke Park talking to adults and schoolchildren about their five Space Shuttle Missions.

FAS has been building a science and space programme in collaboration with NASA and the Kennedy Space Centre since 2003.

"The intention is to have an Irish astronaut in space,"said John Cahill,manager of the science and engineering project at FAS.
"That is what the Irish Government want."

Yes but John the Irish Government also wanted a brand new football stadium and managed to mess that up.We can't build a football stadium but we're going to put people into orbit?I don't think so!

"Brian Duffy and Scott Kelly bring an Irish American influence into it.If first generation Irish Americans can do it then why can't Irish people?"Mr Cahill asked.

There's alot of things we Irish can't do,John!The key influence on Mr Duffy and Mr Kelly can be seen in that word 'American'!

The Irish to play a part in space?I can't see it happening.
That being said,there's plenty of politicians I'd like to see being sent into space though judging by the words and actions of alot of them I think their minds may already be there!


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