Thursday, January 13, 2005


Adams Upset with Dublin

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams has hit out at the Taoiseach and his decision to blame the Provisional IRA for last month's £26.5m bank robbery in Belfast.
The Taoiseach had stated he had information which suggested involvement by the Provos.

Mr.Adams said today he had asked Mr.Ahern not to rush into pointing the finger at any group,but his request was ignored.

Mr.Adams said the decision to blame the IRA had left the peace process in a mess and his party's relationship with the Irish Government had now been compromised.

If I were you Gerry I'd be more worried about your relationship with nationalists throughout the island after your latest disgrace.
Of course Adams didn't want Ahern pointing the finger at anyone!He knew that the whole island would then realise his appearance on the Late Late Show with Pat Kenny and his comments about the progress that was being made would've been revealed to be rubbish.
Typical Sinn Fein nonsense.They're never to blame but everyone else is!

I'd like to see Adams do something he frequently demands of the British-to show some accountability!


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