Thursday, January 13, 2005


Unionist Loyalty Misplaced

The latest scandal to hit the Royal family-Harry honouring the Nazis-has given republicans in Britain a boost and dealt a blow to the monarchy's standing in Britain and worldwide.What I'd like to know is why unionists are pledging their loyalty to the Royal spongers who use taxpayer's money to dress up as evil figures from history and who go clubbing and start fights with photographers.Seriously why do unionists support people like that?

Putting people on a pedestal in this day and age is pathetic to say the least.People should earn their fortune in life not get it handed to them.Why?Because it instills in people a little thing called respect which is something that the Royals seem to be severely lacking in of late!

Unionists embarrass themselves by adorning their walls with graffiti of the queen and by pledging their allegiance to the merry band of moochers known as the Windsors.
It is time unionists and Brits on the British mainland realised this is the 21st century and that monarchies are not right in this day and age.
Go campaign for a President instead.At least then you have the option of voting them out if they step out of line!


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