Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Heil Harry?

There is outrage after Britain's Prince Harry was photographed attending a fancy dress party wearing a red Nazi swastika.

Prince William was with Harry(who is 20)at a party in which the theme was-wait for it-Colonials and Natives.
Harry has apprently apologised but Prince Charles is said to be appalled.
Clarence House said Harry had apologised to Charles for his "inappropriate" choice of costume.

What a disgusting thing to do.I wonder how the monarchists will defend him this time?
"He's just a young man" etc.That's rubbish!He's twenty years of age and should know better.
What kind of individual puts on Nazi attire?A man of his age would know full well about Nazism and considering his position he should certainly know better.

Let's not forget this is the 60th anniversary of the end of the Holocaust and alot of attention is focused on that,particularly Auschwitz.Some of you may have seen BBC documentary about it recently.How will the Royals show their faces at services acknowledging the events of 60 years ago knowing that Harry thinks it amusing to dress up in outfits worn by Nazis?

The Jewish community in Britain are said to be shocked and outraged and who can blame them?
All you Brits bear in mind that these are the kind of people your taxes are funding!
Harry the hellraiser has gone too far!


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