Wednesday, January 12, 2005


EU Starts its Bullying

So it begins.The European Parliament today gave its overwhelming endorsement to the EU's fist ever constitution today.Meeting in Strasbourg,the parliament voted 500 to 137,with 40 abstentions to ratify the new treaty which is to take effect in 2007 if unanimously ratified across the 25-nation bloc.

Lithuania and Hungary have already approved it.No surprise there.Two countries that are well used to being bossed around by bigger dogs in the yard!
The parliament had some things to say which I feel deserve analysis:

The Parliament called on EU governments to ensure "all possible efforts be deployed to inform European citizens clearly and objectively about the content of the constituion."

Translation:Make sure we pump millions into every election campaign to ensure the people swallow our propaganda and sign away their nation's sovereignty!

"The result of the vote leaves no room for doubt of the support this European Parliament has expressed" said Parliament President Josep Borrell.

Funny how you are so utterly convinced of 'support' when you receive a favourable vote,yet when you are flatly rejected,as was the case with the Irish people and Nice,you demand another election.You fascists!

Apparently MEPs gave the results a boisterous standing ovation.Of course they did.Those pigs are delighted thinking they can now feast from the trough of every state's sovereignty!
In an admirable move,UKIP members heckled Borrell's remarks and held up placards protesting the constitution with one saying "this constitution is the death of Europe."
All UKIP members voted against.Well done to them.Let's analyse Jean-Claude Juncker's comments:

Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker,whose country holds the EU presidency,told the EU assembly that "the ratification will not be easy everywhere."
"Of course the constitution is not perfect,but let's judge this by the yardstick of what Europe needs,"Juncker added.

No Juncker,let's judge this by how it affects the states involved such as Ireland!Juncker has admitted the constitution is not perfect yet we should just sign up for it now anyway?No!Make it as perfect as possible so that it is acceptable to other nations.This won't happen because it would dash the hopes of the big nations like France and Germany who want to steamroller over smaller nations!

I wouldn't trust someone from Luxembourg on European matters.Luxembourg historically were part of the 'Inner six' in Europe and will have no problem cosying up to Chirac and friends.
Ireland has much to lose if this constitution is backed by the people.Too much.
Apparently,it is not clear what will happen if any country rejects the constitution.The new treaty contains no provision for rejection,beyond calling an emergency summit.

Why are there no provisions?Because defeat is not an option for them!
This is not about democracy!This is all a sham just like the Nice Treaty was.
If the EU get an unfavourable response they'll push ahead anyway.
We,the people,must fight this.It is wrong!
The EU think they can feed from the trough of Ireland's sovereignty?I say the Irish people must give them a big fat "No!"
I say let the damn pigs choke on their trough!


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