Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Wednesday Whoops

Last week I decided to solve my problem of finding a suitable feature for Wednesdays by introducing 'Wednesday Watch' in which I said I would go around Dublin posing questions with last week's one being, 'Do Irish people care whether Ireland is reunited or not?'
Well,I'll be honest with you all-I didn't do it.

I wish I had given the idea more thought as by the next day I had gone off the idea big time.
I asked myself what the point was in talking on this blog about discussions I've had with people,when instead I should be in discussion with the people on this blog.

Furthermore,the only time I am likely to strike up a conversation with a stranger is if that stranger happens to be an attractive woman and,in that case,Irish unity will not be something on my mind!

Apologies if people are disappointed but I should've given the idea more thought.It's not something I'd be comfortable doing week in and week out if I'm honest.
So,my search to find a feature for Wednesdays continues.Hopefully I will figure out something I like.


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