Monday, January 03, 2005


Monday Madness-Forgotten Unionists

I have been engaged in much debate over at A Tangled Web with a particular contributor.
Out of respect for this individual's confidentiality,let's call this person pillowfield:)
Anyway,as I rubbished his ridiculous claims such as the partition of Ireland being necessary for "unionist self-determination",I realised something in those arguments that had struck me before in many arguments with unionists.
It is unionism's secret shame so to speak-southern unionists,in particular those in the Ulster counties of Monaghan,Cavan and Donegal.

The issue of southern unionists always makes unionists uncomfortable.It should.
I think it's abundantly clear that the unionists of Ireland,especially the unionists in the three Ulster counties which found itself in the Irish Free State were stabbed in the back by their fellow unionists.
Ulster was traditionally a nine-county province,but a nine-county NI would not have been stable.Unionists made it clear to the British their position-6 counties.An amount that would've given unionists a 66% unionist majority and a big enough amount to dictate to nationalists.
Southern unionists were horrified at this.Who can blame them?They were sacrificed to a state they did not want to be a part of to suit the vile,partitionist selfish unionists who sought power,power to wield their will in a manipulated territory.

Partition was never necessary for Ireland.The unionists in Ireland's north opposed Home Rule for decades until they realised that as long as the territory of the state was manipulated to suit their interests,it would be perfect.They' be free to discriminate against the nationalists without interference from mainland Britain.
Of course we all know that this was what set up the outbreak of The Troubles decades later.
Carson did not want partition but the selfishness of the unionists in the 6 counties won out.
If unionists in the other three Ulster counties lost out,so what?That was their shameful attitude.

Southern unionists are unionism's Achilles heel.They were sold out and forgotten.
Who says unionists aren't Irish?In Irish history there has always been someone willing to stab others in the back.There was always someone willing to be a traitor.
Unionists were no different!
To me,the plight of the southern unionists is a great example of why partition was not the answer and why it needs to be undone from this island.

Ni neart go chur le cheile!


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