Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Barbour cuts into Rising celebrations

Harsh cut, Barbour! I was interested to read this letter in the Belfast Telegraph by Ulster Unionist Councillor for Coleraine, David Barbour (pictured left), which I felt was worthy of attention.

Barbour writes:

"The intention of the southern government to wallow in celebration of the Easter rising to claw back ownership from Sinn Fein/IRA is like lying down with dogs and catching fleas.

"Such a demonstration is seen by many unionists as revelling in anti-British pageantry.

"Not a good picture of a so-called inclusive multi-cultural Ireland which supported the 'spirit' of the Belfast Agreement, whatever 'spirit' that was."

Mr Barbour is of course entitled to his opinions but why would unionists regard the Easter celebrations as "revelling in anti-British pageantry" when even British soldiers who died during the fighting were remembered? Not to mention the fact that British ambassador to Ireland, Stewart Eldon, was in attendance.

I find Mr Barbour's comments bizarre and unfortunate.


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