Saturday, April 15, 2006


Silly Sammy's stupid stories

Poor Sammy's a bit confusedI was quite amused by these comments from General Maxwell...sorry I mean Sammy Wilson (pictured left with his bling-bling), who said republicans had no sense of irony as they prepared for a commemoration of the Easter 1916 rebellion at Stormont.

Sinn Fein's Assembly team will gather at Stormont's Long Gallery for a commemoration of the rebellion and an address by West Tyrone MLA Barry McElduff.

But Sammy has chosen to ridicule the event:

"It would seem republicans have no sense of irony.

"The very existence of Stormont shows that the ideals of the 1916 rebels did not succeed.

"One half of the island broke away from British rule but the other half remained tied to Britain.

"Republicans today are now accepting that symbol. They are staging their commemoration in a building that is the epitome of everything republican rebels opposed in 1916.

"Stormont is the symbol of Northern Ireland's Britishness, its enduring Britishness - and the prospect of a devolved Assembly in Northern Ireland returning only reinforces and hammers home that point.

"With Stormont remaining intact and republicans using its facilities, I am sure that the 1916 rebels are spinning in their graves just as much as Sinn Fein is trying to spin their acceptance of Stormont."

How fanciful and an example of wishful thinking at its best.

If the 1916 Rising had not occurred, it's questionable whether Stormont would be in existence today at all. All of Ireland would likely have remained in the UK and would have had a much more active role in World War 2 meaning there might not have been a need for a parliament in Belfast.

If anything, perhaps Sammy should be thanking the 1916 rebels for changing the very dynamic of Irish politics and allowing Stormont the role it ended up being given!

No doubt the irony of that is lost on Sammy!

Oh and by the way Sammy, "half of the island" didn't break away. Someone get Mr Wilson a map!

Remember folks, you can't spell "duplicitous" without "DUP"!


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