Monday, April 17, 2006


UI threatened with censorship!

I had not intended to post for a while but I've been threatened with censorship by Jo over at JoBlog, and I must protest about this here on my own site. Censorship incidentally is something she previously complained about over at A Tangled Web.

Apparently raising some legitimate concerns about the existence of this "Jacqui" character that has recently popped up on her site has led to these comments against me:

"You really are a fucking stupid, ignorant arsehole."

"You are clearly a sick sad individual whose anti-British attitudes are something both of us agree on."

"The only problems are you own repressed sexuality and your lack of a girl friend or boyfriend - and a life." (Huh?!)

"In future, you comment on posts here or your posts will be deleted forthwith." (Censorship, I tells ya!)

"Far from being the number 1 Irish nationalist blog, as you boasted some while back,"

When did I EVER make such an arrogant boast?

"you have succeeded in embarrassing yourself and exposing your naivete for all to see. The best advice I can give you again is - get a gf/bf"

"I am sorry to other readers who should be well aware by now of this guys preoccupation with people with different views and a different sexuality"

Charming stuff, eh? One to keep an eye on this...

Update: Apparently I have left Jo "Pissed Off" and she is threatening to close her comments facility on her blog. So now she's not only threatening to censor me, but her readers as well. I loved this quote from her: "For months now I have tried to make this place somewhere where people could debate civilly and with a minimum of rancour."

This is the same person who called me a "fucking, stupid, ignorant arsehole". You couldn't make it up...unless you're Jo. She's good at making stuff up!

Update 2: I think the best course of action at this point is to leave well alone. Jo seems to be undergoing some difficulties judging by her behaviour. I've said my piece and stand by my views. It is up to others how they treat her and this fictional character "Jacqui".

Update 3: A visitor called 'Qubol', whose post I myself read on Jo's blog so I know he's telling the truth, has informed me that his comment has been censored on Jo's site. The comment was not offensive at all. So much for Jo being a "liberal". What liberal supports censorship?

Update 4: Jo has indeed deleted a comment made by Qubol and she has deleted a comment I left as well. Apparently to Jo, being a liberal means deleting comments that you don't like and have difficulty in answering. Her credibility has been left in tatters as far as I'm concerned. How dare she delete my opinion! Can I not have a voice too?


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