Saturday, April 15, 2006


1916 and a United Ireland

One Ireland, one nation I echo Gerry Adams' call today that the Proclamation of the Republic should be fulfilled with a United Ireland:

"I think the legacy or 1916 is for all the people of this island because what the Proclamation is about essentially is the future.

"Everyone should own the future."

In contrast however I'm a bit disturbed by the comments made today by Dermot Nesbitt of the Ulster Unionists. Commenting on 'Plan B', the plan by the two governments for Joint Authority...sorry 'Joint Stewardship', if the Assembly can't be restored, he made this bizarre and disappointing comment:

"Put simply, the aspect of treating nationalist/republican aspirations for a united Ireland as equal to the unionist position is a crime against international law and without precedent."

Eh? The Good Friday Agreement which your party signed up to treats aspirations for a United Ireland as entirely legitimate and equal to the unionist position!

Are the upcoming Easter celebrations getting to Mr Nesbitt I wonder?


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