Friday, April 14, 2006


Fun Irelander Feature - Easter Rising quiz

How much do you know?I've covered the Easter Rising quite alot of late on United Irelander but just how much have you learned?

To continue with the spirit of 1916 I've created a new quiz which will let you know just how much you really know about the Easter Rising. If you've been reading United Irelander over the past week or so then you should be able to answer the questions. But be warned - there's a few toughies in there! Take the quiz here:

How well do you know the Rising?

So then? How well do you know the Rising?

Update: Since the quiz doesn't allow you to find out which questions you got right and which questions you got wrong, I've posted the correct answers in the comments box. Don't read the comments before taking the quiz! You'll only be cheating yourself!


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