Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Sinn Féin rejects OTR legislation

I am absolutely delighted at the sensational news which broke earlier today that Sinn Féin has decided to reject the On-The-Run legislation which gave an amnesty to paramilitary terrorists as well as British State murderers.

Party vice-president Pat Doherty said the legislation was "far removed" from what had been agreed during 2001 talks with the government at Weston Park.

"We are now calling for it (the legislation) to be rejected and we are withdrawing from anything to do with it," he said.

Mr Doherty said Sinn Fein would also be advising republicans "on the run" not to seek registration under the legislation should it go through.

Urging the government to scrap the legislation and "stick to what was agreed", Mr Doherty said:

"There are no British ground forces on the run.

"It was sleight of hand and inexcusable to bring that aspect into the legislation. It was not agreed at Weston Park. And it is not acceptable and needs to be rejected."

Wow! What a glorious day! Visitors to United Irelander will be well aware that I have vociferously opposed this legislation from the start and that I have done my utmost to point out the inconsistencies of the Sinn Féin position. I took stick from some Sinn Féin supporters for my stance but today I, and everyone else who opposed this bill, have been vindicated!

This is a victory for the people! Make no mistake!

This is not about gloating though. The battle has not even begun yet. We must now all stand together as one and oppose this legislation which the people of Ireland do not want.

Now that Sinn Féin have realised that those of us who opposed the legislation were right to do so, let us all unite as Irishmen and oppose this disgraceful OTR legislation!

United we stand, divided we fall!


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