Monday, December 19, 2005


Protests against 'gay weddings'

I see a group of Christian protestors from the DUP leader Ian Paisley's Free Presbyterian church have picketed Belfast City Hall during the historic first 'gay marriage' in the North today.

The protestors mounted a noisy demonstration outside as lesbian couple Grainne Close and Shannon Sickles became the first to tie the knot under new civil partnerships legislation.

The Free Presbyterians, carrying banners saying "Sodomy is Sin", described the marriage as an "abomination before the Lord".

Personally I think this is disgraceful. Obviously the issue of 'gay weddings' is a controversial issue and people are entitled to their views on the matter, personally I've no problem with them, but I think it's pretty rotten to come out and protest - at the wedding!

It's Christmas in a few days time and these people have nothing better to do than to come out and try to ruin what should be a happy day. Pathetic!

Incidentally, here are the protesters in question...

A bunch of guys, huddled around in the cold, overlooking the wishes of two ladies...

Isn't that a little gay?


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