Tuesday, December 20, 2005


The Portrait of a Lad...uh Lady

The image to your left is what happens when you commission Rolf Harris to do your portrait!

The portrait of the British Queen was designed to mark the monarch's 80th birthday next year, and is said to be an "impressionistic", rather than a "photographic", representation.

"I'm not making any claims that this is the greatest painting in the world," said Harris, who trained as an artist, "I've done the best I can."

The story of the painting will be shown in a BBC documentary on New Year's Day. (Apparently it's not a horror story)

One newspaper described the image as "blurred" with "unflattering heavy features".

That's putting it mildly!

Let's go to Rolf for the last word:

"I wanted to capture the lady as she is with all her humour and reality."

So that explains why she's so funny looking!

You know some people are like fine wine - they get better with age. According to Rolf though, the Queen ages more like milk than wine!


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