Sunday, December 18, 2005


Brother of Para victim blasts OTR bill

I wouldn't regard the Daily Ireland newspaper as a shining example of objective journalism seeing as their columns rarely have a bad word to say against the Republican movement. However in a report by Eamonn Heuston, the On-The-Run legislation which gives an amnesty to British State murderers, and which Sinn Féin continues to support, comes under criticism from a victim of the British.

John Kelly, whose brother Michael was shot dead on Bloody Sunday by British paratroopers, has called for the scrapping of the proposed Northern Ireland Offences Bill.

Mr Kelly said that the families of those whose loved ones had been killed by state forces would never accept legislation that allowed the killers to escape court.

In his strongest attack on the legislation to date, John Kelly told Daily Ireland: "It should be scrapped – pure and simple.

"This is a diabolical piece of legislation and the security forces have been removed from it.

"There's no sense in beating about the bush on this one any longer.

"The soldiers who killed our loved ones should not only be brought before a court, but prosecuted as well."

Seeing as the On-The-Run legislation is opposed by many of the victims of British State collusion, and seeing as Sinn Féin are now of the view that British State forces are responsible for the collapse of the devolved government in the North, can we trust that Sinn Féin will very soon be coming out in opposition of this legislation?

Surely the OTR legislation cannot be justified at this stage?


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