Monday, December 19, 2005


Allow priests to marry - Bishop

This has been one of the big stories here in Ireland.

The Bishop of Killaloe, Willie Walsh, is calling on the Catholic Church to allow priests to marry.

In an interview with the Sunday Tribune, Bishop Walsh said there was room for both married and celebate priests in the Church and said he believed this might happen in the future.

He added that there needed to be a debate on celibacy in the Church and the issue of sexuality in light of the present crisis the Catholic Church is going through.

Over the past 25 years, up to 100,000 Catholic priests have married. Bishop Walsh said he has known some of these men personally and that they were a great loss to the Church.

I agree with Bishop Walsh 100 per cent. I feel that it is part of human nature to have sexual urges and I don't think there is anything wrong with that. It's part of who we are. The Catholic Church should allow priests to experience this human trait instead of rendering it forbidden.

Furthermore, and Bishop Walsh touched on this above, celibacy needs to debated in light of the recent scandals of the Catholic Church. Are these scandals related to the celibacy rule? Seeing as they have taken place across the world, I don't think we can rule it out.

Like I said, having a need for sex is normal. Surely then to deny this need is abnormal?


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