Tuesday, October 04, 2005


UI's Celtic Mythology - Teirnon

Teirnon was lord of Gwent Is Coed and foster-father of Pryderi. Teirnon owned a beautiful mare, and every year on the eve of the first of May the animal gave birth to a foal, which mysteriously disappeared. One year Tiernon decided to keep watch to see what would happen. A giant clawed hand came through the stable window and took the new-born foal. He hacked off the hand but heard a crying coming from outside and found a three-year old baby boy lying on his doorstep.
Tiernon and his wife took the child in and raised him as one of their own, but as he grew, the resemblance to Pwyll became increasingly marked until they knew hat he was the missing son of Rhiannon and Pwyll.


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