Monday, October 03, 2005


Monday Madness - Bangers

We're now in October and with October comes a very loud and depressing tradition - bangers.

Yes as Halloween approaches fast, neighbourhoods around the country will be subjected to the noisy, shattering blasts of fireworks and bangers, the majority of which were no doubt obtained illegally.

Let me make my feelings on this clear - I hate bangers. I HATE them. This year, like last year, they started in late September so people in my area have over a month of this frustrating, head-wrecking yob hobby to deal with.

The main reason I hate bangers and fireworks so much however is because it causes much distress to an important member of my family - my dog.

From observing the different dogs in my area it seems to me that dogs deal with these things in one of three ways. They bark, they are completely indifferent towards them, or, like my dog, they become terrified and start desperately tearing at the door to get into the house.

The poor thing does be shivering terribly and its eyes do be wide with panic. It enrages me that these youths can attain these bangers so easily and that they can then proceed to terrorise my pet by letting them off around the neighbourhood.

To make matters worse, these bangers go off at all hours of the night as well which is a nightmare for myself and my family.

I really detest these things as you can probably tell. I would certainly advocate much stricter regulations on the sale of fireworks and bangers. I would have no problem with a permit being assigned to an individual in the neighbourhood to let the bangers and fireworks off at Halloween.

This would cut down on the infuriating, noisy nuisance caused by youths who have managed to get their hands on these things in the City Centre with very little hassle.

I think these things are absolutely awful. No doubt we'll hear terrible stories this year about people who have been injured at the hands of these bangers and don't get me started on the scum who use these things to inflict harm on animals. Those people should be locked up by the authorities and the key should be thrown away.

As I write this, the bangers have quietened down. They were going off quite alot about two hours ago. No doubt that by this time next week and certainly the week after, these bangers will be a feature of October nights.

I think they're bloody terrible and I would urge a TD to have the courage to come forward and call for tighter regulations on the sale of these things for the good of all decent people throughout Ireland.

No one can speak out for the animals that will be subjected to this pandemonium throughout October. We must be the ones to speak out. And we cannot be drowned out by the deafening explosions of these beastly bangers.


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