Sunday, October 02, 2005


What a cool bar!

Well this certainly is weird. London's West End has gotten itself a brand new bar - made of ice.

Absolut Icebar, as the name suggests, is constructed entirely out of ice right down to the art on the walls and the glasses for the drinks.

Situated next to the accompanying but room-temperature Below Zero restaurant, the bar is kept at -5 Celsius year round and apparently the entire venue will be redesigned and rebuilt every six months because the ice will gradually melt with daily use and the body heat of the crowds.

Damn. Forget black tie optional, this is a case of wooly jumper, gloves and boots optional.

In order to stay warm you'd probably have to find someone to huddle up really close with in the bar. With that being said is there any chance we can get one of these bars here in Dublin? Please?


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