Sunday, October 02, 2005


Sunday Scrutiny - Awesome Chelsea

Wow. Even as a Manchester United supporter I have to take my hat off to Chelsea for their crushing victory over Liverpool today at Anfield.

They got alot of stick for their performance against Liverpool on Wednesday in the Champions League but they shut up their detractors in some style today.

Apparently Liverpool haven't conceded four goals at Anfield in the League since 1969 when they conceded four against Man Utd.

Chelsea appaear to be running away with the title already after only eight games!

I was glad to see Damien Duff get on the scoresheet today with a good goal. Duff looked good today, Given was outstanding against Portsmouth yesterday and Robbie Keane grabbed a good winner against Charlton for Spurs as well.

It bodes well for Ireland going into our crunch match with Cyprus on Saturday.


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