Tuesday, October 04, 2005


PR Paisley

Seems likes Dr Paisley is playing the PR game.

He has today visited St Louis primary school, a Catholic school in his constituency, which was targeted in a sectarian attack by loyalists during the summer.

The school was one of a number of Catholic properties in north Antrim that were attacked by loyalist vandals during a wave of sectarian attacks in recent months.

The UDA was accused of orchestrating the campaign while Dr Paisley was also accused of failing to use his influence to bring them to an end.

I think Paisley is simply pandering to his own supporters rather than making a genuine effort to reach out to Catholics.

Catholics would have preferred it if Dr Paisley had been more vociferous in his condemnation of loyalist attacks over the last few weeks and months.

I don't think they'll be fooled by this PR stunt.


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