Monday, October 10, 2005


Here we go again!

Not content with seeing his team make the World Cup next year due to the jammiest method possible (best runner-up? Come on), Mr Eriksson has come out with the usual guff - England can win the World Cup!

"England are one of four or five teams who could win the World Cup," he said.

"If we are lucky with no more injuries and things like that, I think we can do it. Of course, everything depends on injuries and if we have all the players fit, then I’m very very confident.

"I said after almost two years that I was confident England would qualify and do a very good World Cup and I go on saying it now.

"We have to play better than we did this season but we will play better. My feeling is very strong that we have an extremely good team and we are one of four or five nations that can win it."

Come on, Sven! Cut the crap! England are not going to win the World Cup! They were hopeless against the Danes not too long ago, they were beaten by 'Northern Ireland' who hadn't won a competitive game in four years prior to the match, and they just about beat Austria yesterday. They may not even win their group which includes the mighty Poland!

I'm sick of this tripe which we hear at every single tournament England play in. 'It will be 1966 all over again'! No it won't. England may have super individual players but collectively as a unit they have little to no team spirit.

I also spotted this gaffe from England captain David Beckham:

"This could be the year. It’s definitely realistic, but there’s a lot of hard work to be put in first," said Beckham.

It won't be your year David. The World Cup's not 'til next year!


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