Saturday, October 08, 2005


Saturday Survey

Hero of the Week: Shay Given: Shay was fantastic today and has almost single-handedly kept our hopes for World Cup qualification alive. Well done Shay! The nation salutes you!

Villains of the Week: NI bigots: The NI bigots, some draped in union jacks, booed the Welsh national anthem at the top of their lungs and then proceeded to boo John Hartson throughout the game purely because he plays for Celtic. A shower of bigots and a pack of animals.

Funniest Moment of the Week: Starry, starry night: I found this story funny about how cloudy weather spoiled Irish astronomy enthusiasts' chances of seeing a partial solar eclipse. Feckin' weather! Not to worry - there'll be another chance to catch it in 2011!

Dunce of the Week: Jim Nicholson: See this story. What a baby!

Luckiest Person of the Week: Brian Kerr: He's lucky he has Shay Given as his goalkeeper otherwise he could be out of a job by now!

My favourite moment of the week: Irish performance: I enjoyed seeing Ireland beat Cyprus and I enjoyed watching Wales shut up the NI bigots with a great victory.

Quote of the Week: "Buses containing Northern Ireland supporters (including women and children) were attacked today by masked republican youths in Belfast, on their way to the game.

"The fans on the bus that my friends travelled to the game on (containing women and children) was subjected to sectarian taunts and stone throwing by Celtic shirt clad scumbags en route.

"Very sad news indeed. These are the people that UI wishes us to appease..the people whose "heros" attempted to mass murder us on two occassions outside Windsor Park in the 1980's.

"Same old story, I guess." - Stewart McAfee, NI supporter.

The above is a perfect example of three things inherent in the NI supporters who turn a blind eye to bigotry. 1) Whataboutery 2) Misrepresentation of the argument. 3) Viewing northern nationalists as scumbags. Apparently the people I wish NI supporters to 'appease' (what kind of term is that?) are Republican thugs. I have advocated the NI team be inclusive towards nationalists. Mr McAfee confuses nationalists with Republican vandals. A pity.

United Irelander's Busiest Day of the Week: Saturday


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