Saturday, October 08, 2005


NI bigots boo Welsh anthem!

It's half-time in the match between 'Northern Ireland' and Wales. Those who read United Irelander will know that I have many problems with the NI team and that I feel they are geared towards one side of the community only. Some NI fans have criticised me for my views. Having spent 45 minutes watching the game, I have never been more convinced of the rampant bigotry on show. Some observations:

1. I spotted quite a few union jacks in the crowd. No Irish flags of course. In fact there was very little Irishness on show. Britishness? Now that's a different story...

2. Here's the real talking point. Seemingly thousands of dirty NI bigots booed the Welsh national anthem at the top of their lungs. I was disgusted. You could see from the faces of the Welsh players that they were disgusted too. What a disgraceful show of disrespect it was! You could hardly hear the Welsh anthem. To add insult to injury, the NI fans started a chant while the song was being played. What it was I cannot confirm though it may have been a 'Green and White Army' chant. It's worth noting that the Welsh fans treated GSTQ with respect as the commentator Jackie Fullerton himself stated. Even the commentators were stunned by the behaviour of the NI fans!

3. John Hartson, who plays for Celtic who are a club synonymous with Irishness, was loudly booed by the crowd. I'll let people draw their own conclusions as to why this happened.

On the plus side, Wales are 2-0 up as I write this. I hope they thump the NI team who are dragging Britishness through the mud through their despicable antics.

The people who booed the Welsh anthem are dirty scumbag bigots. I can assure any Welsh readers to United Irelander that had Wales been playing Ireland in Dublin, the Welsh anthem would have been respected in impeccable fashion.

Many NI fans spew out a load of fanciful guff that sectarianism is a thing of the past and that the NI team is inclusive and that politics has no place in Windsor park etc. There's just one thing that lets NI fans and their hollow platitudes down - reality.

UPDATE: 'Northern Ireland' 2 Wales 3 FT

The NI bigots have been silenced by Welsh grit and guts! Well done Wales! I salute Ireland's Celtic cousins on their great victory!


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