Friday, October 07, 2005


Football fun!

Tomorrow Ireland play away to Cyprus in a crucial match which will determine the fate of our hopes to make Germany next year for the World Cup. You will note I learned my lesson from last time and didn't hype up this particular contest! I hope that the boys in green can pull off a result and can beat the Cypriots.

Regarding the English they have a crucial game home to Austria. Good luck to the Austrians!

And also there's the small matter of Wales travelling to Windsor Park to play the team representing Ireland's north - 'Northern Ireland'. I wish the Welsh the best of luck. I hope the bigots don't give John Hartson a torrid time but it wouldn't surprise me at all.

Now for some predictions. Just for the hell of it...

Cyprus 0 Ireland 2

England 1 Austria 1

England Ju...I mean 'Northern Ireland' 0 Wales 3

Bring on the football!


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