Monday, September 05, 2005


Treat you like adults? Nah

Hey, get this - teachers are backing calls from secondary school students to be treated as young adults.

Leaving-cert pupils are demanding (who are they to demand anything?) that schools acknowledge their difference from junior pupils and banish rules on uniforms and hair styles.

The students claim that current school rules treat them as children and that the Department of Education needs to wake up to the changed nature of teenagers.

The President of the Teachers Union of Ireland, Paddy Healy said today that he agrees with the students.

Gimme a break. I think these clowns have been watching a little too much Saved By the Bell. Paddy Healy must be Ireland's answer to Mr Belding.

Uniforms have been around for decades and should remain in place. Hair styles should be kept neat and tidy as well.

And what's with this garbage about the "changed nature of teenagers"? The teens of the sixties and seventies came out with the same non-conformist BS.

Wow imagine if students could attend a learning facility where they could wear what they liked and have any hairstyle they wanted! Hey wait a minute, there's a place like that already - college. Try working towards getting there and cut out this rebellious teen angst rubbish.

As for you Paddy Healy, go listen to some more Bob Dylan and stop spouting such claptrap.


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